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Goodreads Context Menu Search

At some point when I am not too lazy, I should empower my future laziness. I really need an easier way to look up books on Goodreads when I see them mentioned on other pages.

For example, say I go to BBC’s Big Read and want to add some to my wish list. At present I would highlight the title, Ctrl+C to copy, Alt+Tab to a window/tab with goodreads.com, click in the search box, Ctrl+V to paste, and hit Enter. Probably would take no more than a couple seconds.

What I want is to be able to highlight the title, right-click to bring up the context menu, and click on search for the title on Goodreads. Probably would take less than a second.

Interestingly enough with Google Chrome I can make the default search Goodreads. That achieves the above with the draw back that all searches go through it. So not a great solution as I do love being able to search from the address bar. But it’ll work for now as long as I remember to put it back.

Writing an extension appears to be the solution. Thus where my laziness is the barrier.





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