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A Feast for Crows when first published

Last year I bought a paperback set of A Song of Ice and Fire. Yes, I own the four books in the set. (The fifth was published in hardback at the same time.) Rather than continue messing up my hardbacks from multiple reads, I thought paperbacks would be better. Well, I finally got around to reading them and noticed a big misprint. Pages 565 and 566 in A Feast for Crows were actually 575 and 576. It was not a great part of the story.

But it nagged at me so much that it was all I wanted to mention when asked by Goodreads about a review when I marked it as read. A friend commented on it. I wondered if someone had posted the page online. Just searching on “Feast for Crows 565” led me to lots of reviews complaining about it. I found the missing pages in Google Books. Someone suggested contacting the publisher.

So I decided to try. Bantamdell.com printed on the book goes to randomhouse.com. There I found an FAQ entry suggesting for typographical errors, I contact customer service. So I sent a quick email to the address with the ISBN and title as requested. I just wanted the page. The response was they do not send a copy of the page, but if they have extra copies, then they would send me a whole free book. I just needed to send the printing run. I did.

Today I got the replacement copy. It has the correct pages at 565. Thank you Random House!

It has a very different print run number. Will have to dig at some point and try to figure out how companies come up with the print run number.


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