SOPA Blackout

January 18th and 23rd are planned blackout days for a number of web sites in protest to passing the Stop Online Piracy Act. Existing legislation like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act already reveal copyright owners ask to shut down web sites even when there is no infringing material. Granting them more power seems like a bad idea.

So in my little way, I will participate. This blog will show a message on the 18th and 23rd on a visitors first visit. Get the Stop SOPA WordPress plug-in and participate too.


  1. Hmmm…I’m still not certain how strong of a message is not using the internet for two days will send. It’s like telling the water company you won’t pay the bill but they know you have a need for it, so it gets paid.

    1. It is more like the bus boycotts where it is about bringing the issue before people. In this case, they can contact representatives in Congress. I got a nice letter from one of my Senators letting me know he changed his support for PIPA (the Senate version of SOPA) to opposition because so many constituents protested.

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