Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4


Earlier today, a poll question asked on a Wimba conference about who often visits Behind the Blackboard. I was one of the few who checked that I do.

Lately I enter the web site to track various tickets because the email notifications about updates only go to members of our functional group in response to updates I made to the ticket. In the past I successfully educated my dedicated Technical Service Managers to include me in updates because I am the one who has access to logs, server settings, the database, etc. My functional group can email me to ask if I have any idea what Blackboard means for these requests, but that is about it. I have five different people to get up to speed with the current tickets and likely will have five different ones in a few months, so why bother going to the effort of getting them all to do it right?

That reminds me… I should blog about some of these bugs.

Oh, yeah… Apparently only one account can have an email address. So someone changed Amy’s listed email address to foo@blackboard.com from our DBA group address to fix this problem. All three DBA’s cannot have their accounts setup so the other two also get the updates. Blackboard employees have to add our address for their responses when they respond. It used to work from 2007 to 2011….





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