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Summer Movie Season

The commentary my friends made during the trailers in front of Thor inspired this post. So here are the movies coming soon this summer I want to see. After compiling the list, it is interesting how the ones I most want to see are all based on comics, graphic novels, short stories.

As a kid, I could connive my grandmother to let me see every summer blockbuster in the theater. And I wanted to see them all. Lately, I have not seen that many in the theater. Looks like that is changing for the better.

Matinée or better:

  • June 3: X-Men First Class – When Mom and I went to Jekyll Island back in December, we saw them working on a set next our hotel. There were also lots of palm trees in boxes near our hotel. So I figure JI represents Cuba. Really it is the “Filmed in Georgia” aspect that most compels me. Well, that and I like the X-Men, especially Magneto, despite the butchering it repeatedly.
  • June 10: Super 8 – In general, I guess I like JJ Abrams television and movies. So I’ll go see this one too. 🙂
  • June 17: Green Lantern – I never read the GL or Justice League of America comics. The various JLA Warner Brothers cartoons were pretty good. Prior, Batman was the only JL member I liked. I came to better appreciate others through these shows and movies, especially GL.
  • July 22 Captain America – This is a must see in the build up to the Avengers movie.
  • July 29th Cowboys and Aliens – AW asked if they based this movie on something when we saw this trailer. I told her I thought it a comic. Okay, so it was a graphic novel.
  • August 19: Conan the Barbarian – The Ahnold ones defined much of my vision about sword and sorcery. As a Dungeon Master, when I felt writer’s block, this is a movie I would watch to help me.

Dollar theater or Netflix:


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