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Curious Traffic Spike

I glanced at my Google Analytics stats for this site and noticed a huge traffic spike. Somehow my TED Talk: We Are All Cyborgs post landed Bing’s number two spot and Google’s number three spot for “ted talk we are all cyborgs” a couple days ago. Normal for a Tuesday is something like 650 visits. That Tuesday I got 2,578. It kind of reminds me of the Made Stumbleupon.com? post.

The actual We Are All Cyborgs talk was the number one spot for both search engines. Why would anyone come to my site for the same video?

(Glad I turned back on WP-Cache again.)





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  1. Big Eazy Avatar
    Big Eazy

    This post hit number 3 on bing. So I guess the lack of anyone else using the term favorably positioned my blog.

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