Not So Watch Instantly

Stargate SG-1 season 3 on Netflix watch instantly requires getting the disks for episodes 5, 15, & 20. Why? My best guess is unlicensed for the medium because of an actor.

Netflix needs to work on providing a warning when episodes of a television show require getting the dvd so I can plan ahead. Also only the select another episode shows the dvd only icon. The main screen with play just skipped 5.

Very poor user experience design here.


  1. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 all have 22 episodes. Season 3 has 25. The DVDs have five episodes a disk, so these “DVD Only” ones are the last ones on their respective disks. I have changed my mind to think this is because there are three too many episodes.

  2. The Netflix page has changed (now that I have the disks). Episode 5, “Learning Curve,” moved from disk 1 to disk 2. The fifth item on disk 1 is now “Secret Files of the SGC-Colonel Jack O’Neill”. So having to watch the DVD was all about Netflix not understanding what is on the disks.

  3. This pretty much ruined my Geeky 5 days of StarGate SG1, I missed a whole f”ing Season. wtf is that? tell me who to bitch at if it was only a specific actor or 2.

    1. Sorry for using comments to update my change in thinking about what happened. I do not think it was licensing but Netflix confusion. What items were in the instant queue changed when I went to compare it to the DVDs.

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