Georgia Theatre

All over Athens, people have been mourning over the Georgia Theatre fire today.

When I got home, I found a weird voice mail: “Hi, Mr. Greene. My name is <removed name>. I would like to discuss with you the property at 215 North Lumpkin. Call me at <removed number>.” I listened to it a second time. It hit me. Isn’t the Georgia Theatre on Lumpkin? I put the address in Google and found it is indeed the address. Wilmont Greene is the owner.

How weird?





7 responses to “Georgia Theatre”

  1. Ez Avatar

    Someone from the Atlanta Journal Constitution just called looking for “Wilt.”

  2. Molzami Avatar

    Ezra Freelove sounds just like Wilmot Greene…i see the confusion….

  3. doug Avatar

    go ahead and sell it.

  4. Ez Avatar

    Doug, unfortunately, I am only the owner of this blog not the Georgia Theatre.

  5. Ken Avatar

    WHO called you about this and when !

  6. […] have only used a phone book once in the past 5 years. I wrote about Georgia Theatre weird phone calls. The local municipal web site provided 4 generic department numbers which didn’t help me […]

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