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Palazzo, originally uploaded by Ezra F.

A little fake Venice in the middle of the desert. The egregious waste
of water here in the middle of the desert was sickening. Makes me feel
like a liberal.

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3 responses to “Palazzo”

  1. galindafied Avatar

    I've actually never seen this 🙁

  2. Ezra Avatar

    Take the moving escalators up to the Grande Shoppes at the Palazzo. There are some fancy shops up there. Emeril's Table 10 is up there as well.I passed by it lots as I got off on this, the second floor, to avoid going through the smoky casine to get to or from sessions. Any time I went through the casino, in 15 minutes I was coughing up yellowish stuff.

  3. bobr512_41 Avatar

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