QotD: Outta My Way!

Have you ever experienced road rage?
Submitted by Question of the Day.

Naw…. I just tend to cause it.

For example, this car was going slightly slower than the car ahead of it in the left lane.This was creating a growing gap. So I slipped over to the right lane and sped past 3 other cars to slip into the gap despite him realizing what I was going to do. There could not have been much more than a foot between my back bumper and his front. He was honking and saying something.

Unless he intended to hit me and others stop to say what happened, there wasn't much he could do.

Besides, once we were past all the slow car, I pulled over to the right and let him pass me. I wasn't so much in a hurry as trying to prove a point that people will do stuff like that if you don't pay attention. 🙂

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