Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Werewolves of Athens

I love the Moon. I don't know why. As celestial bodies go, it is close. We see it nearly every night. We can look at it.

I first learned the Greek goddess of the Moon was Artemis. She was beautiful and a hunter, skilled with the bow. I later learned there was an earlier Greek goddess named Selene. Her claim to fame was asking Zeus to make the man she loved have eternal sleep. Selene was the sister to Helios, god of the Sun. The Sun happens to be my second favorite celestial object. Well, for now… Probably in the next few years I will have forgotten and find the Sun is my new favorite. 🙂

My car is named for Selene. The computer vendor who provides the hardware? Sun. My first Sun desktop was named Helios.

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