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Mozilla Prism Self-Signed SSL Issue

I have been looking to use Prism. A gotcha I hit was it balked at any site using a self-signed SSL certificate. A recommendation was to copy the cert8.db file from a Firefox  profile to a Prism profile. This actually worked.

Locating it is a bit of a pain in the ass on Windows. It is in what would be a hidden folder, so some layers have to be opened up just to get to it. Copy from <user>/Application Data/Mozilla/profiles/default  to <user>/Application Data/Prism/default.

Excellent. Now it is a fair evaluation.






8 responses to “Mozilla Prism Self-Signed SSL Issue”

  1. mattl Avatar

    thank you, exactly the problem i just had and now a solution 🙂

  2. blacksburgturkey Avatar

    Worked for me also.

  3. Winnipeg Web Design Avatar

    I did get it working but I needed to copy more then the \cert8.db\.

    I am working on a Windows XP Workstation.
    On my System I copy the whole profile from Mozilla to the web app folder. When I say \web app\ folder I mean what ever you called the webapp. In my case I made a Program Called \My Home Network\.

    \C:Documents and SettingsuserApplication DataPrismMy Home NetworkProfilesxxxxxx.default\

    Once I did this I could log on to my \Adito Web SSL VPN\.

  4. Jim Avatar

    On Ubuntu I solved this problem by creating a symbolic link to the cert_overide.txt file in the firefox default profile directory from the prism default profile directory.

    $cd /home/user/.prism/something.default
    $ln -s /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/something.default/cert_overide.txt

  5. Winnipeg Computer Technician Avatar

    This solved my Adito issue as well! Thanks. I wish firefox was a better browser!

  6. amir Avatar

    working on XP

    2 files are needed :

    copy to prism app default folder.

  7. Telémaco Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this post man. It was really realy helpful.

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