Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4


Right v wrong. White v black. 0 v 1.

With all that I am, I am a maybe.

  • Decision-Making: When up against a deadline, I’ll make a quick judgment and run with it. When I have time, I will mull over the possibilities infintitum. Why make a decision when no one wants a decision yet?
  • Evaluation: Part of why I have a hard time deciding, is I don’t typically evaluate anything in absolute dichotomies. I’m always leaning towards something. An action is rarely thought of as 100% great. It falls within the 0 to 1 scale but almost never is a 0 or a 1.
  • Genetics: Mom is a blend of Scottish, Irish, English, and German. I haven’t explored all that far so there could be lots of others. Dad is a blend of Ghanan, Creek Indian, and many more unknowns. [1]
  • Skeptic: Doubt is something I am. I often re-examine my assumptions and beliefs in hopes of finding an error.

[1] A thought hit me the other day regarding disease and genetics. Genes for sickle cell anemia combat prevent malaria from attacking the blood cells. Genes which helpled people survive the plagues of Europe also help prevent HIV. All too often we hear about the genes which hinder us. I like there are genes which help us as well.





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