QotD: My Vox Blog Crush

Who's your 'blog crush' on Vox?

The problem with most is that it gives one an excuse to shirk responsibility. Unless it means, non-hostile, I don't have any intentions of making friends in the blogging world. There isn't the desire to develop real friendships. I have a problem wanting to be friends with people I've only met online. The medium is too impersonal do develop affection for another person.

Blogs do open up a view to others we probably would never otherwise see about them. However, I suspect others, like me, use principles of public relations to put an attractive face forward. Otherwise, current or future friends, family, or even employers may look at our work and deem us a bad people. So, having a "blog crush" would be like having an interactive celebrity crush.

I'd rather have a crush on a real person. That said, my blog is… (Sorry, its not that easy for you, George!)

My response to the comments about making friends online. I didn't really explain my opinion very well here. Also, other response doesn't quite feel perfect either.

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2 thoughts on “QotD: My Vox Blog Crush”

  1. i don’t share this view. i met one of my dearest friends online (not from a blog, but still). i've found that the same principles apply online as do in meeting someone on any other terms…things like character and integrity are not easily hid for long no matter the means of communication. i think ultimately that perception and being open to people greatly impacts one's experience. that said, yes there are some phonies, crazies and such online but i think one is just as likely to encounter those people in a local pub, church or civic organization.


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