Vox Hunt: Earn Your Stripes

Take a photo of something striped.

Two ties.

Yellow and blue left tie: This is the tie I bought at a Lords and Taylor in the mall across from the hotel where I stayed for the wedding the night before the wedding.

Black and Blue tie: This tie I bought during a sale. It was two complete suits (jacket, pants, shirt, and tie) for $200. Given the prices of the pieces, it would have been about $250 for one suit. I don't really like this tie and have only worn it a couple times. The other tie, a red one, I wore all the time.

My new job doesn't really need me to project my importance to middle administrators, so the ties are pretty much unnecessary except for weddings and funerals.

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  1. Yeah, I do like the photo scavenger hunt feature! Bernie suggested in a chat something similar a couple months ago. We only did one. That resulted in the phone sex photo.

  2. Whoa dude, I'm at work. I might have to check that link out later when I'm at home! LOLOL. (I see it's on Flickr, but I'm still scared to look! Haha.)

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