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Trash the Dress

No, I didn’t bid on the Lara Croft dress. Out of my price range at $3300 :( (really 2200 pounds, the exchange fluxuated between 1.4 and 1.6 dollars/pound, so about $3300).

Ran into the president of the uni this morning. Great guy. I think he is exactly what this institution needs.

I did get my birthday presents from my mom (2 weeks late, don’t ask). She got me The Universe in a Nutshell, ST:NG – The Complete First Season, and Taxi Driver (Special Edition).

Hawking is a great author… A Brief History of Time is one of my favorite books of all time. He renewed my interest in physics at a time when I had become frustrated with the tediousness of it. I’ve already gotten 30 pages into it. Much easier read than ABHoT. I do have the DVD set of the PBS stuff. Having seen that recently is why I was excited about The Universe in a Nutshell.

ST:NG is the Star Trek I grew up with. It started in ’87 when I was a middle school student. To me this IS Star Trek. I probably will end up buying all the seasons before I am done.

Scorsese is a great director. Taxi Driver adds to rounding out my 70s classics collection.

Don’t believe this… Soccer players might have to wear helmets. Yahoo! News – Jury Still Out on Soccer Head Injuries – Panel

Don’t take you removeable memory devices to work. You are the enemy! Since you can’t take care of your computer at work it is a petry dish of viruses and trojans. Allowing your work computer to have any contact with your home one is a risk. BBC News | SCI/TECH | Employees seen as computer saboteurs This is why I need a laptop for taking home to do work!





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  1. joyfulgurrrl Avatar

    Um, Happy Belated! Mine was the 22nd. Joy…

    Taxi Driver RULES! (and yes, Magic is still around…but I guess I’m a dork) I actually just STARTED playing last July…

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