Post-9/11 World

Being stuck at work during the events yesterday, rumors and speculation were flying wildly as it was so difficult to get to any new web sites.

Lots of email from New York-based email lists.

One major difference between Clinton and Dubya… Clinton would have talked about how we all sympathize for the families of those who had to go through this. Dubya talked about recovery and revenge. Not sure which is better, but Dubya’s initially feels better.

Some local schools are closed. It’s not like they can discuss anything besides this stuff in NYC and DC.

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petition for peace

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The most important word…

NBGT = Next Big Geek Thing

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So… Bush may have been the target. Scary to think that these idiot terrorists almost made him a martyr. That is the LAST thing that this nation needed. Bush the Martyr.

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Pretty good article on criticism of US involvement in peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

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