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Tag: writer’s block

  • Writer’s Block: Call Me

    I do have a landline at home. However, if Google Voice ever opens up to new customers, then I will switch to that. I’d much prefer the get text transcripts of messages than have to listen to the calls.

  • Writer’s Block: AKA

    Wow… I’ve forgotten much of the story behind sneezypb… Its been 13 years.

  • Writer’s Block: Heart to Heart

    My beef with Valentine’s Day really has to do with not having a significant other. So it does a really good job of pointing out that I am indeed quite lonely. That doesn’t make me hate it. Instead it makes me frustrated… Mainly with myself.

  • Writer’s Block: Infamous

    January 28, 1986 At school, a teacher knocked on the door. Our teacher went to find out what was wrong. We were told to go into another room and sit on the floor. About half the kids on the hall were packed into one of the two rooms with a TV. The talking heads were…

  • Writer’s Block: The Things We Carry

    Wallet frequent visitor spender cards money identification receipts Cell phone I try to make sure I have the work pager, a camera, and a pen.

  • Writer’s Block: Google Me

    I have! Irregularly. Now, I have a Google Alert which tells me about new instances of my name. In general, it makes me a little apprehensive. HowManyOfMe.com says my name should not exist. As far as I can tell, no one else with my name is active online, so… I am exposed. 🙁