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  • Vox Hunt: Winging It

    Show us something with wings. Prometheus Moth Female (Close Profile) I thought this was a Luna Moth. That was based on the eyes on the upper wing and weird feathery antennae. It turns out there are several species that have eyes on the wings and weird feathery antennae. She is apparently a Prometheus Moth. (If […]

  • Vox Hunt: Smile for the Camera

    Show us your camera smile. Pre-Meeting This is from January before I went to a meeting. I had bought the shirt on sale over Christmas Break. The tie  I had bought just at Thanksgiving. Lots of people complemented the combination. Yellow is not a color I wear much. Lacey wants me to wear pink. What […]

  • Vox Hunt: ♥

    Take a picture of something heart-shaped. Shirt Heart Read and post comments | Send to a friend

  • Vox Hunt: Earn Your Stripes

    Take a photo of something striped. Something Striped Two ties. Yellow and blue left tie: This is the tie I bought at a Lords and Taylor in the mall across from the hotel where I stayed for the wedding the night before the wedding. Black and Blue tie: This tie I bought during a sale. […]