Shooting on the Run

Do you have a camera that you take everywhere? My Canon SD800 IS (Elph)

This digital point and click camera does well for every day use. In the winter, it fits in my coat pockets very easily. In the summer, it fits in my cargo or carpenter shorts’ pockets. I have it so often, others expect me to have and are disappointed the few times I fail to have it on my person.

I do have a great backpack for my Canon Rebel XT which also carries my work laptop. For periods, I do use it. Maybe the strap on the other backpack breaking is a sign?

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MLK Plan

Mom had not planned on having an operation. So she drove to the Atlanta airport last Monday. Her car is in long term parking up there.

Plan for getting Mom home from the plane tomorrow…

7:45am Arrive @ William’s house.

8:00am Leave for Atlanta.

11:00am Arrive @ Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

11:10am Park in Short Term parking.

12:25pm Mom’s plane arrives.

1:00pm Mom arrives in baggage claim in wheel chair.

1:15pm Eat lunch.

2:30pm Leave for cars.

3:00pm Depart airport.

4:30pm I arrive home in Athens.

7:00pm William and Mom arrive in Valdosta.

In the mean time, grandma is staying home. A friend of Mom’s will make sure grandma gets meds.

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