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  • I don’t get it

    Moon men == bomb threat? Well, I expected Aqua Teen Hunger Force to bomb when I first saw it. So, thanks to the Boston police this media campaign which intended to be subtle and inexpensive is getting a tsunami of free media coverage. No matter the outcome of the two guys going to prison or […]

  • Humans 51,749,484,784,784 v. Computers 4

    The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: A Computer Program Wins Its First Scrabble Tournament When Deep Blue first defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the computer program’s victory was hailed as a watershed moment for artificial intelligence, and rightfully so. But in November, another program reached a gaming milestone of its own, and no one seemed to […]

  • Unplugged for the Holidays

    How to spend a long holiday weekend – Lifehacker: Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, most likely you’ve got the day off this coming Monday. I hope you’ll spend it doing as little as possible. Forget the email, the IM, the RSS feeds, the Google searches, what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of […]

  • Thanks, Mom!

    The Straight Dope: Is male pattern baldness inherited? Who’s to blame?: … Men are more prone than women to X-linked abnormalities because they receive an XY chromosome combination while women get XX. In women, a recessive abnormality on one X chromosome will likely be masked by a dominant normal gene on the other. Men, however, […]

  • Dinosaurs vs. Fraggles

    Amazon.com: Dinosaurs – The Complete First and Second Seasons Created before the days of computer animation, Dinosaurs is an early 1990s television comedy series featuring impressive anthropomorphic, animatronic creatures created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The story lines challenge some of society’s most basic assumptions and explore some of the most universally troublesome aspects of […]

  • Thanks, Bernie

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