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Tag: sysadmin

  • Pick Two

    A while back, I noticed a Venn diagram for the Project Triangle which added free. The only problem is that it was for graphic design. For what I do, providing services and integrations, I thought only “dipped in ugly sauce with haste and carelessness” needed adjusting. Creately was surprisingly easy to whip together this version…

  • Independent Verification of the Truth

    Some of my latest work has been in chasing cheaters or “Vista ate my homework” claims. Some background: I work for a project that hosts online classes for 32 of the 35 universities in our system. We have about 125,000 users who have performed at least 100 actions this term. We have had about 50…

  • Something Your Boss Does Want To Hear

    Quote for the day: I spent all day working on a bad EAR. Oh, WebLogic and your deplorable… I mean, deployable… applications!