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  • Worldwide Photo Walk

    I’m looking forward to this Athens part of the Worldwide Photo Walk in four weeks. I’m even more impressed it filled to the 50 person capacity. We have been having meetups for Athens Flickr users since September. I don’t think any have approached half that number. (There are only 32 members in the Flickr group.)…

  • Facebook Usernames

    If you cannot find me, then you are not looking. If you search on Facebook for Ezra Freelove, then I am the only result at the moment. Maybe all you knew was Ezra and the city where I lived? Facebook search is not so great you could find me through my first name plus something…

  • GNBSS Rock Album Cover

    GNBSS Rock Album Cover Originally uploaded by Ezra F Catching this shot was pure luck. I didn’t know she was doing it. tag: photography

  • Blackborg Teeshirt

    Blackborg Teeshirt Originally uploaded by Ezra F Mike LeSombre posted the Blackborg picture and teeshirt. I got one! tag: photography

  • GeorgiaVIEW Mascot?

    This little snake was found in the hallway at work. I thought the commotion was a continuation over the geyser in a sink until GH asked if I brought my pet to work. Went over the see and snagged this before maintenance took it away. Hope he enjoys life on the other side of the…

  • Rosy Maple Moth

    Rosy Maple Moth Originally uploaded by Ezra F I know a great place for moths to hang out and rest. I pass by it all the time and find all kinds of moths there including both the one above and these below. tag: photography

  • The Twitter Timesink

    Glenn asked: “What is it about Twitter that makes it more of a time sink than Facebook?” I consider a time sink something where I invest a high value of time for boring and poor value. My contacts mostly duplicate in Twitter what they provide in Facebook. The time I spend reading Twitter posts I’ve…

  • Week Two Almost No Twitter

    Since I cut back on Twitter, my sneezypb account’s password was changed to something completely random and unknown to me. Tweetdeck was uninstalled. Most of the few on my subscription list I still need to follow now reside in my RSS reader for now. Productive? Check. We tell real stories instead of how talk about…

  • Conservatory A Perspective

    Conservatory A perspective Originally uploaded by Ezra F Today is a Baha’i holy day. So I took the day off from work. Rather than sleep in throw off my sleep schedule, I ventured over to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia during the morning wonder light. The garden routinely pays off in great flower photos.…