Ashley Merryman: On Parenting

Cannot believe I have yet to read NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children! It looks to have all the things I love: scientific studies debunking common assumptions, policy, school programs, etc. At least it is already on the wishlist. Also, I follow NutureShock on Twitter. A list of articles on the topic.

The first part on praise is something I passed around to several people. My parents were pretty good about making me work hard on things I’d given up on doing because I didn’t succeed easily at first. Seems like it would difficult for a parent to be disciplined not to ever praise innate qualities, so maybe it is okay once in a while?

The latter part of this on kids and sleep deprivation is interesting. I knew sleep really helped the brain. More than just the capability of male fruit flies to breed. For example, very tired people have worse trouble driving than those who are intoxicated on alcohol. It hadn’t occurred to me sleep deprivation would have consequences to learning.

Ashley Merryman: On Parenting from PopTech on Vimeo.

In Need of a Sedative

Have not slept well the past week… I have been the on call DBA. So I have the pager. Monday we joked things seem to be worse when I have it. Well… this week has been a shining example.

Monday: OVIEW had issues starting at 5:15-ish. I had seen that behavior before and applied the previous fix. The monitoring showed a half dozen recoveries. So I went home. Well, on the way home it got much, much worse. So bad it was actually unavailable… but for only a couple minutes. 🙁 I didn’t go to bed until 1am because I was trying to figure out what went wrong.

Wednesday: Starting at 6pm, redux of Monday. Amy worked on that for me, but I ended up staying up until 1am again looking at logs trying to figure out what was the issue.

Thursday: “Emergency” restart of OVIEW to be more proactive. Didn’t get to sleep until 3am.

Saturday: A node in OVIEW crashed. (Middle of the day so thankfully no loss of sleep.)

Sunday: A node in OVIEW failed its 3am restart. This might signal the same cause of the issue in Monday and Wednesday.


Thankfully I get to hand off the pager to a coworker tomorrow.

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