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  • Curious Bird

    Found outside Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Tallahassee, FL. My best guess is a Broad-Winged Hawk. I went outside and tried to get another better photo. Without glass obscuring my presence, he or she was very much aware of my presence. I could not get close enough to take a better photo.

  • Dune

    St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida was the 2002 Dr. Beach America’s Best Beach winner. It is the only beach on the list I have actually visited. I just wish I’d brought the right camera lens. Visiting here in 2003 made me appreciate photography. This was my first trip back. Photos from the 2003…

  • QotD: Desktop Show and Tell

    What is your current computer desktop image? Let's see it! Fountain on Chicago River I took this a few weeks ago when I was in Chicago. It is bright, cheerful, and all those other things I need to make my morning or returning form a meeting better. Plus, I was in a good mood when…