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  • State of the LMS

    Watched an informative WebEx about The State of the LMS: An Insitution Perspective presented jointly by Delta Initiative and California State University. An true innovator in this market could become the leader. Market share numbers annoy me. These are always self-reported numbers from a survey. The sample sizes are almost always not very impressive and when…

  • Less Is More

    Mashable has an interesting article about why Twitter persists despite frequent performance issues: “Less is more. Simplicity is power.” By providing little more than an API, upon which numerous others have built tools, it doesn’t so directly compete with other services. I wonder if perhaps this is the right approach for a learning system? One…

  • links for 2007-11-28

    On failure. (tags: research science) Hey, Young Americans, Here’s a Text for You (tags: democracy) Personal Learning Environments – the future of eLearning? (tags: education learning online_learning)