Tag: perception

  • Ê»Oumuamua images and representation

    I ran across this image of the interstellar asteroid. It struck me that I recognize an artist’s impression as the actual representation of the object. Because we do not have an actual photo, an artist made something. And yet, to me, it IS the asteroid enough that when I see the impression photo, I think […]

  • TEDxAlamo – David Eagleman, PhD – 10/29/09

    A neuroscientist talks about what is reality from the frame of perception and illusion. If the below video does not work, then try: TEDxAlamo – David Eagleman, PhD – 10/29/09

  • Fee or Discount

    In this day and age, I find it surprising enormous corporations have not figured the difference in the perception of a fee vs a discount. Adding a fee causes consumer uproar. They feel the faceless no good bully is trying to make money unfairly. Even people who probably will avoid ever paying the fee on […]