Internet Elephant (in the Corner)

In the web design and web application world, Internet Explorer is always the Elephant in the Corner. The most popular web browser is one of the more cantankerous and annoying web browsers to design HTML and JavaScript for use inside it. For a long time a few web designers have preached a need for Web Standards. However, IE’s lack of standards made that unlikely. Only when IE actually move ever so slightly towards standards did the WS crowd feel vindicated.

Additionally, Internet Explorer is the gaping hole in computer security. People rarely need to patch Windows or Office so much as patch IE (and often).

Normally I roll my eyes at just about anything Dvorak writes. However, he does point out a new argument for the “No More IE” crowd. Unfortunately until Microsoft stockholders put the pressure on the company to change, I really doubt this elephant is going anywhere.

Column from PC Magazine: The Great Microsoft Blunder

I think it can now be safely said, in hindsight, that Microsoft’s entry into the browser business and its subsequent linking of the browser into the Windows operating system looks to be the worst decision—and perhaps the biggest, most costly gaffe—the company ever made. I call it the Great Microsoft Blunder.

Democracy Matters


The first grand democratic experiment in Athens was drivem by a movement of the demos–citizen-peasants–organizing to make the Greek oligarchs who were abusing their power accountable. Democracy is always a movement of an energized public to make elites responsible–it is at its core and most basic foundation the taking back of one’s powers in the fave of the misuse of elite power.
Cornel West in Democracy Matters, p. 68

I read this at lunch and have thought about it a bit. Something that strikes me about this quote is that I keep wanting to equate the Republican Party with the Greek oligarchs. Too much power centralized in one point makes one a target. This is the problem Windows and Internet Explorer enjoy.

Only a truly robust infrastructure can withstand the attacks from below. Many like to think they are robust. In actuality, very little can withstand such attacks.


Couple of newly discovered vulnerabilities for Windows users. Excel and Powerpoint documents are not safe any more. Specially crafted dword (dotless) URLs (dword URL for VSU) can operate in the local intranet security zone instead of the general internet zone in Internet Explorer. Most people have the local intranet zone set to medium-low level and the internet zone to medium.

I of course keep both at medium (I don’t trust computers from my intranet).

Chris is on his way to Athens to get his new car. Poor thing couldn’t wait 24 more hours. should be boycotted. They are the AOL of streamed media. They force down your throat all of their excess products in one package and do not give you the opportunity to say “No!”. Then you get bombarded with icons and persistent programs as you attempt to disable them from taking over. Took 1/2 an hour just to download and install RealPlayer and try to rip out RealJukebox and RealDownload which I did not want.Someone needs to to make a player which reads Real’s streams.

I used to prefer Real over Windows Media Player. Not anymore.