Democracy Matters


The first grand democratic experiment in Athens was drivem by a movement of the demos–citizen-peasants–organizing to make the Greek oligarchs who were abusing their power accountable. Democracy is always a movement of an energized public to make elites responsible–it is at its core and most basic foundation the taking back of one’s powers in the fave of the misuse of elite power.
Cornel West in Democracy Matters, p. 68

I read this at lunch and have thought about it a bit. Something that strikes me about this quote is that I keep wanting to equate the Republican Party with the Greek oligarchs. Too much power centralized in one point makes one a target. This is the problem Windows and Internet Explorer enjoy.

Only a truly robust infrastructure can withstand the attacks from below. Many like to think they are robust. In actuality, very little can withstand such attacks.

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