Lost Weight

I suspect people are just being nice when they ask if I have lost weight. A normal person wants to and feels pleased when others notice. So it is a safe thing to ask.

Except I do the mental calculations of when was the last time I saw the person, where I was on the belts last seeing them, where I was on the belts next seeing them, and want intensely to call them out for being wrong. Even a small loss I want to count as not having lost weight. From 2007 to 2012, my typical pattern was to hit a peak weight around October and bottom out in March. Basically, in the Georgia summer heat I say inside for the air conditioning and do more walking around in the winter. But people assume the opposite since normal people are more active in the summer.

Since 2013 was cooler, I ended up being a little more active. So I fell out of the normal pattern and did not gain as much as normal. As a result, I have tried to be more accepting of these compliments. Still, it is tough.

Last night I bought a scale. So maybe I can have a more accurate measure than holes in my belts.

QotD: Think Global, Buy Local

Do you buy products made locally?  Is there anything made in your area that you love?

Hmmm. My city is trying to become the anchor of a biomedical corridor in our state. So, the stuff made here are pharmeceuticals. Personally, I hate to take any medication. Ideally, I should eat well and exercise and get enough sleep. I view taking medications as a failure on my part to stay healthy.

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