Media Management

I have found that keeping up with a large collection of stuff is hard. Recently, I found a free program called MediaMan which I used to document my DVDs. Unfortunately, only those at my apartment are in this list. All the stuff I did not yet bring is not documented. Fortunately, the plan is to sell off that stuff and get it out of my life. Now to see if I can really declutter my life.

New DVDs

Hmmmmmmm… got some new DVDs to watch. Stuff I already had on VHS already: 5th ElementTombstone, and Wrath of Khan. This brings my DVD collection to 61 titles.

Have never thought of myself as a PC repair person. I have done some stuff on my own home and office computers. Assisted Andrew Otapski with some stuff. He really wants me to go to grad school and get a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and later an Education Specialist in Instructional Techology.