TED Talk: The dangers of “willful blindness”

… a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally putting him or herself in a position where he or she will be unaware of facts that would render him or her liable.


Another Margaret Heffernan TED Talk based her book Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril. People sometimes avoid conflict by going out of their way not to know information that is ethically questionable. Whistleblowers are a unique breed of people who care so much about an institution they want to save it through their actions.

P.S. The other Heffernan TED Talk video I posted is Dare to disagree posted last week.

TED Talk: Dare to disagree

I live my work life with the daring mindset to prove my ideas wrong. And I gather around me others willing and capable of doing the same. It is the best way to get things right. It takes an appreciation for the ability to disagree. It takes collegiality in conflict, debate, and willingness to solve the problem. Consensus is good AFTER everyone has worked through the problems and actually solved them. Not fighting about what is wrong and getting moved or moving others probably means there are bad ideas not yet identified which will later rise up later and burn everyone involved. In my mind it is better to identify those things and correct them early in the process rather than later when it might be too late.

“Openness is not the end. It is the beginning.”