Institution Analytics #USGRockEagle13

Janice Hill, Columbus State University Process: Define KPI’s : grades, ┬ástarting degree, ending degree, and many more. Design and Implement : ODI integrator Subject area example : summation helps reports only pull one row per student. Updating : degrees awarded only loaded at end of term. Validation of data : Work with Institutional Research to… Continue reading Institution Analytics #USGRockEagle13

Columbus State Degreein3 #USGRockEagle13

Web site: ┬á Mary Covington, Executive Director, IT Services, Columbus State University Notes from session: Program: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant. Degree in 3 years. 1st year get a certificate. 2nd year get an Associates. 3rd year get a degree. $18,000 degree. At least 1/3rd low income. Early intervention. All online courses. Standardization of… Continue reading Columbus State Degreein3 #USGRockEagle13