Columbus State Degreein3 #USGRockEagle13

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Mary Covington, Executive Director, IT Services, Columbus State University

Notes from session:

    • Program:
      • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant.
      • Degree in 3 years. 1st year get a certificate. 2nd year get an Associates. 3rd year get a degree.
      • $18,000 degree.
      • At least 1/3rd low income.
      • Early intervention.
      • All online courses. Standardization of course design.
    • Session talk:
      • Columbus State University owns computers and loan to students for 3 years. (After graduation, student keeps the computer.)
      • Proctored tests. Google Chromebooks, but Lockdown browser does not work on them. ProctorU used instead.
      • Since all the data really is up in the cloud, easily exchange the machine.
      • Students signed commitment letter to send the machine back. Only close call, the student changed mind after talking to an advisor.
      • 100% online degree technical support, 24/7 campus support, outsource after hours.
    • Lessons learned:
      • Know the funding plan
      • Do not specify type of technology in the grant.
      • IT people make IT decisions.
      • Vendors will try to coerce.
      • Know purchasing processes.
      • Just in time purchasing is hard.
      • Warranty process not well understood.
      • Students already have access to a computer or library already.
    • Next steps
      • In year 3 of 3.
      • 4 more sessions.

Got to explain what is Collaborative Programs, Georgia ONmyLINE, and Ingress for the presenter.