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  • Counting children’s books

    I have not been one to look favorably on counting children’s books in my Goodreads list. However, I am really behind on my reading. And my kid just had me read Oscar’s Book for the 9th time today alone. I am getting in a lot of reading that isn’t going counted. So, I may just…

  • TED Talk: How Kids Teach Themselves

    Find it amazing children who have never been exposed English can learn it from a kiosk with just 1980-90s computer games made available to them. That the kids worked in groups appears to enhance the effect was also pretty interesting. One child would operate with 3 advising and all 4 would test the same, so…

  • Brother and Sister Look at a Plane

    Brother and Sister Look at a Plane, originally uploaded by Ezra F. The boy’s face says to me pure joy. Took this a while ago, but I forgot it was still on the data card. I found it while pulling off pictures of the board from the meeting this morning.

  • Transracial Adoption

    NPR : Mother and Son Offer Transracial Adoption Insights: Morning Edition, July 23, 2007 · When Judy Stigger and her husband decided to adopt, they chose children who very obviously didn’t look like them. “If you’re a very private person, this is probably very hard to do because people are curious and do ask how…

  • Kid Smart Ads

    “We need more commercials which show kids being smart.” — arfore