Funky Leaf

Funky Leaf Originally uploaded by Ezra S F A leaf sticking in a crack in the sidewalk. Bizarre for it to have happened without human assistance.

MLK Plan

Mom had not planned on having an operation. So she drove to the Atlanta airport last Monday. Her car is in long term parking up there. Plan for getting Mom home from the plane tomorrow… 7:45am Arrive @ William’s house. 8:00am Leave for Atlanta. 11:00am Arrive @ Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 11:10am Park in Short Term parking.… Continue reading MLK Plan

January 15, 2004 RESPOSTED: Did a Stupid Thing

Originally posted January 15, 2004 to Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v3.02 (MovableType and replaced by Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4 WordPress). Back to the post: Did A Stupid Thing No, really stupid. About the stupidest thing I have done in years. So stupid that it proves my idea that I am the luckiest person ever.… Continue reading January 15, 2004 RESPOSTED: Did a Stupid Thing

Icy Car

Icy Car Originally uploaded by sneezypb. Picture is of someone’s car in the parking lot outside my building. Mine didn’t nearly have so much ice on it. Its not black so the ice wouldn’t show up as well. Today has been a freebie. Yesterday, weather people predicted this morning would be freezing rain with the… Continue reading Icy Car