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  • Happy 100th Birthday Alan Turing!

    Alan Turing was born today one hundred years ago. WIRED UK has a couple pretty good post on his legacy and timeline. I wonder what he would think about computers today? Especially the idea that his Turing machine lets us play Words With Friends or chat with someone near instantly on the opposite side of the planet.

  • I’m blogging this.

    For about eight months I have participated in a group called the Brunch Bunch here in Athens. We get together to eat and talk. Many conversations drift into the nerdy (my forté?). The locations vary so I have gotten to try new (to me) restaurants. Elizabeth (pictured right) vouched that I am a great guy.…

  • LMS Security

    This morning there was a flurry of effort to locate an article called “Hacking WebCT.” My coworker was able to locate it. We were disappointed.  The main points of the article were: Lazy administrators make compromising user accounts easy. Lazy instructors make getting questions for assessments easy. These apply to any LMS. So, here is some…

  • Britt’s Surprise Birthday Party

    aya1081 set up a surprise birthday part for brittsaqt . She got him. Britt Gets the Middle Finger Logan’s Run Birthday Cak/a> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan’s_Run_(1976_film) “Life must end at thirty unless reborn in the fiery ritual of Carousel.” Surprise Brandon

  • No Sympathy for the Devil

    Coworker 1: You signed the wrong thing. Coworker 2: What? Coworker 1: You wrote “Happy Birthday” on a sympathy card. (Both laugh)

  • Being Judgemental

    Mom sent me The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child for my birthday a while back. This is the latest book I have been reading while eating. So last night, I put Chelsea on the spot by asking her, “Which would you rather be judged by: what you do or who…

  • Suck It Up And Pay the Price

    Doesn’t it always look like this? User runs script against service. Script operates so quickly and sucks so much traffic its obvious its a script. Service’s automates systems detects the abuse. User gets automated notice about violation of Terms of Use and prevention from accessing the site. User pitches a fit because he is “famous”.…

  • Happy Birthday, George!

    Highlights of photographing George this year:

  • Important Birthdays

    Call me crazy. I’m not that huge a fan of decimal. We use it, I accept it. Any time the leading tens or hundreds changes, we feel the need to celebrate it over the others. So, 20th, 30th, 40th… 100th are more important birthdays. Oddly 16, 18, and 21 are also important. Well, 16 is…