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  • Resolution Progress 2015: End

    OK, the year is completely done, so here is where I am with each resolution. Read 52 books. The goal was 52. I read 70. My Goodreads user challenge. Looking at pages, I managed to read 19,669 compared to an average of 21,815 for the prior four years. So while the number of books is good, they were lighter. (I think my…

  • Resolution Progress 2015: First Quarter

    I figured I would get back to doing quarterly reviews of progress on the resolutions for the year. Read 52 books. A quarter of 52 is 13 (the same as a suit in a deck of card). I am a few books ahead at 16. My Goodreads user challenge. Read at least 50% by female authors. So…

  • Please Do Not Walk on Dunes

    PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON DUNES Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This is a dune next to the drive to the eastern beach area of Fort Clinch State Park on the north end of Amelia Island. Florida’s obsession with people staying off the dunes amuses me. The two beaches I usually visit are Jekyll…

  • Not Much Room

    Not Much Room Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This was taken in one of the bastion tunnels to a firing wall at Fort Clinch State Park. I guess the soldiers were shorter than me back then? Notice Nannie in the background.