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  • Learning Tech

    I learned electronics as a kid by messing around with old radios that were easy to tamper with because they were designed to be fixed. Lee Felsesnsteinin The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter Isaacson The story I tell about how I ended up working in information […]

  • TED Talk: What we’re learning from online education

    MOOCs are still the buzz in 2013. The best quote I have heard about them is that they replace an in-person class like Facebook replaces a social life. Of course, Facebook is my main social life…. I do sense a hope that MOOCs will replace a whole education or at least credits (think AP courses). […]

  • TEDxBloomington: The happy secret to better work

    When we are happier, our brains work better. Part of this could be viewing stresses as opportunities. If the above video does not load, then try The happy secret to better work.

  • Alternative to Blowing Up Schools

    Bror Saxberg is a thought leader in the field of learning science, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. As the Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan, Inc., Bror is responsible for the research and development of innovative learning strategies, technologies and products across the Company’s full range of educational services offerings. He also oversees future developments and […]

  • Underground Back Channels

    During first couple years at my first real job post-college, a friend of a friend would IM me questions about how to solve computer problems for which he could not figure out the answers. These requests started as me doing the work for him with dubious promises of doing the same for me. (I knew […]

  • TED Talk: John Hunter on the World Peace Game

    This is closer to the kind of teacher I wanted to be. Forget rote facts. Learn how to solve problems. Given today is the First Day of Ridván, I figured it very appropriate. Happy Ridván!