What About Mixed People?

These companies use mitochondrial DNA to trace one’s genetic lineage. So, they take a sample from my mitochondria (which I got from my mom) and compare it to samples that have been taken from mitochondria samples found in their database to match it. Well, my mom’s mom has lots of English and Scottish ancestry. So… Continue reading What About Mixed People?

Zoo Doo

First there was the conversation about how to get a baby squirrel to pee. (UPDATE: The squirrel now pees at inappropriate times. So he’s been named Lindsey in honor.) Then, it turned to even more strange topics, like zoo manure! ZooDoo – Product Information: Hoof stock (giraffe, zebra, elephant, bison, antelope, llama, rhino, hippo and… Continue reading Zoo Doo

FDA won’t regulate chips

Updated my movie list. Geek.com Geek News – FDA won’t regulate chips: Seems the FDA thinks that a chip which sits in your body and more or less broadcasts your medical information is not a medical device.