Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Extinction of Human Kind

Who knows how all of the possibilities for the extinction of human kind? We have the biologicals such as viruses and bacteria. We have seen near misses by comets and astroids certainly large enough to wipe us out. Patterns of evolution indicate there are large spurts of evolutionary change periodically as species after species is wiped out when the Solar System passes throught a dense part of the galaxy. All it would take is one object 6 miles wide. No more humans. One scientist genetically engineering a virus, a bacteria, a primate, a mammal, a reptile accidentally (or intentially) to defeat humans on a broad scale. Nevermind a trigger happy Ukranian, Korea, American, Russian, or Chinese nuclear missle operator. What about a terrorist experimenting with an aerosol-delivered ebola virus? Anything that is highly contagious, travels through breathing, and 90% fatale could wipe out humanity.

So many possibilities. We could colonize other worlds if we wanted.

Got my IBM RMA changed. Got my CH return acknowledge. Got my scanner installed. The last hour has been good to me.




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