The Pontificator

Love a good party. Last night rocked. Gorgeous women, slammin tunes, and great conversation. Doesn’t get much better. At a party like this, there is always a pontificator. Some one who has found something close and dear to their soul that must be shared with everyone. All topics relate to that one. Of course, being a card-carrying… Continue reading The Pontificator

Offline Poker

Weird… can reach parts of the Internet, but not other parts. Normally, I would attempt to diagnose the problem, but feeling really lazy. – – – – – Last night was poker night. There were a ton of us… some hands were 8 person hands. Some of the usual crew were there. Chris, Annon, Joe, Melinda, Christy, and… Continue reading Offline Poker

Who You Know

Apparently I am listed high up on Google searches for “diaryland valdosta”. Guess the Google database realized that and are run by the same people? – – – – – It’s all about who you know. Everything… your career, your love-life, your hobbies… Even what you know is based off the people who write and… Continue reading Who You Know