Conservatory A Perspective

Conservatory A perspective Originally uploaded by Ezra F Today is a Baha’i holy day. So I took the day off from work. Rather than sleep in throw off my sleep schedule, I ventured over to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia during the morning wonder light. The garden routinely pays off in great flower photos.… Continue reading Conservatory A Perspective


I felt conspicuously under dressed downtown tonight. Lots of people out and about wearing either 208,0,0 n 0,0,0 or 153,0,0 n 255,255,255. The male red n blacks were dressed in white shirts, black pants, and red tie. The female red n blacks were dressed in little black dresses and red accessories. Both male and female… Continue reading Underdressed

Tasty World Bar

Tasty World Bar Originally uploaded by sneezypb. A couple shots of the bar. Taken with ISO 1600 and held on the table. The shiny in front is the reflection off the finish of the table. I think this is my favorite picture of the last month.