Fix WP Numeric Broken Permalinks

In the early days of my using WordPress, I set the permalinks setting (the URL format style) to Numeric. They looked like On 2008-SEP-27 I changed the permalinks setting to the Day and Name. According to my broken links post each time WP autosaved a draft it incremented the number so the names were no longer… Continue reading Fix WP Numeric Broken Permalinks

WordPress vs. Old Templates

WordPress has neat new functionality to notify about and easily update templates. Apparently some of mine are so old they can no longer be updated? The result of trying was not removing the “.maintenance” file resulting an inaccessible blog. Easy enough to remove it once I looked up the problem. However, annoying that I was… Continue reading WordPress vs. Old Templates

Upgraded to WP3.0

The upgrade to WordPress 3.0 doesn’t appear to have broken anything? Good. It pointed out my Tarski theme was a point revision behind. That has also been upgraded. No apparent problems. No need to go mess with code. That makes me verrrry happy.

Sorry for the Outage

My hosting service, Dreamhost, announced they would be upgrading every one off PHP4. Only people using old software would get bitten. I’ve kept my software current, so I wasn’t worried. Only this of all eight domains started showing an HTTP 500 error (Internal Server Error). I dreaded having to go through and determine why. Turns… Continue reading Sorry for the Outage

Comment Phishing

I noticed today comment spammers are getting craftier. Some of the comments I approved I now believe to be comment spam. Perhaps they are probing to later deliver the real deal? They use the name of people who legitimately commented. Because the scammer cannot see the real email commenter’s address, they use a different one… Continue reading Comment Phishing

Protected Post Password

I imported all my LiveJournal posts here. Other than posting pictures to there from Flickr, I don’t really use LJ anymore. I rarely even read my friends’ blogs there. Too bad. I still have the teeshirt. Most of my LJ posts are protected. For this site, I’d rather have them set to private. So the… Continue reading Protected Post Password

Making Simple Tags Work in WordPress 2.9

Followed Andy Fore’s instructions on adding WP 2.9 to the whitelist. The only problem I have so far discovered is Tag the Net doesn’t appear to work. The error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class services_json in /home/path/wplog/wp-includes/class-json.php on line 115 Looks like WordPress distributed a new class-json.php. Back in Simple Tags 1.6.5, this specific error was supposedly… Continue reading Making Simple Tags Work in WordPress 2.9


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