Off the Twitter Timeline: Clunky WebCT

Summize provides a great way to troll for what people are saying. Beyond just searching for a term, it provides RSS feeds for terms. I follow several, such Blackboard and WebCT. The WebCT one netted me the following tweet: annoyed with how clunky webct can be at times – it had to have been designed… Continue reading Off the Twitter Timeline: Clunky WebCT

Acronyms Dictionary

Think everyone might be able to use this. Ever have someone post an acronym you can’t decipher? Something like “WYLABOCTGWTR”? Well, how about an Acronyms Dictionary? Preserved comments: fun stuff!  🙂 Posted 1/19/2004 10:18 AM by melally Sneeze, you are weird. most of the time its just as easy to say the whole phrase as it is… Continue reading Acronyms Dictionary

AOL v Trillian

I keep having to update and patch Trillian to keep AOL connectivity. AOL keeps trying to block Trillian. It’s not like AOL is going to sue alternative IMs as the FTC was very critical AOL’s actions in dealing Jabber last year.

the Sims

Yeah, I have been lax… I know… It’s the Sims, the rebuilding my computer at work, and playing catchup, I swear! Anyway, we are all archived up and ready to rumble. AOL cries to the Department of Justice almost on a quarterly basis about what Microsoft did by integrating MSIE with Windows or making Windows incompatible… Continue reading the Sims


Lovely… MSN Messenger is still down. Seems that Microsoft had problems with hardware so people were up and down. It is my turn to be down. Thankfully I have other IMs on which I can rely… AIM and ICQ being the most reliable IMs. Backing up all my data off my work computer in order… Continue reading Offline