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Generative AI instead of search

About 6 months ago, I played a bit with large language models. It was interesting. The responses were like a middle school kid didn’t read the book, but tried to summarize the Cliff Notes.

Prompt: make a sticker for “I survived the Microsoft Defender update apocalypse” with a Defender shield icon.

The past couple days, there has a been a problem in another IT area affecting my ability to do my work. Super frustrating. But, every time there is an update, I am left feeling like I want to know more. So, I wrote a prompt based on the information in the latest status update into Copilot. I got back something that looks like a better, more understandable description than I normally get back from a human.

I wonder if perhaps because I am not a subject matter expert for the technologies involved, this is bullshit. But, it feels right enough.

And, I think that scares me.


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