Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Jeff Bridges

Who is the most famous or infamous person you have ever met?

Well, sort of.

My daughter was an exploring toddler. And, perhaps running for Congress? She greeted everyone.

One outing to a restaurant with outdoor seating with friends, she was antsy. She wandered as I shadowed to keep her away from dangers. Pretty typical for us stuff.

At a table was a nice couple. They said hi when my daughter wandered by them. Just the normal good people vibe. (Occasionally, someone seemed offended by a child exploring.) I should have gotten clued in by him wearing sunglasses. When we got back to the table, our friends pointed out we’d said hi to Jeff Bridges.

Something I have heard about being famous is the lack of privacy. It can be hard to have normal experiences like a tasty meal at a good restaurant. I hope we didn’t interrupt their experience.





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