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Someone posted a video of a really long Chick-Fil-A drive thru line. The comment was Popeyes was getting to CFA.

It made me wonder if given the Popeyes running out created a pop in CFA business. If people primed themselves for a chicken sandwich, went to a place who was out, then they are more likely to go to another place with a chicken sandwich. Could these shortages create a bump in business for competitors?

Supposedly there is a beef between the two chicken chains. It would be hilarious if one inadvertently helped the other.






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  1. Andrew Fore Avatar
    Andrew Fore

    The funny thing is that there are way more chains than just Popeye’s and CFA that have chicken sandwiches, but no one is taking pictures of their drive thru lines… I like the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich from McD’s and have eaten the Spicy Chicken combo as my go-to from Wendy’s for years. In fact, I almost never order the chicken sandwich from CFA…

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Might be the priming effect. People are thinking about those 2 because of the social media skirmishes.

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