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Fb Messenger virus

Got a message from a coworker that suggested I was in a video. Naturally, I am supposed to click on it, but it felt wrong. A quick Duck Duck Go search revealed it to be a virus.

If you think a virus was installed on your device, then my advice is to find a trusted anti-virus software to scan your computer. There are also malware apps to scan & protect your phone. Some carriers offer them for free.

Some reports suggest if you click on it, then you get a Facebook login page.

Only, it is not a real one and designed to capture your credentials. That gives another party your credentials so that they can:

  1. send this out as messages to your contacts
  2. capture more information from your account

If you fell for the 2nd login issue, then my advice is to:

  1. Immediately change your password.
  2. Kick off all sessions in the “Security and Login” page. There is a “Log Out Of All Sessions” option.
  3. Also in the security section, setup two-factor authentication.
  4. Turn on getting alerts about unrecognized logins.

Of all the things I can report, I cannot report this?

It seems like Facebook should be able to detect this virus or phishing by now. What I can see of the link goes to a Facebook server: si-chao.cstools.facebook.com  So, at least the link to virus/phishing is on their servers enough that they could check for its presence.

The person who sent it me says the account was locked out for 24 hours for behaving suspiciously. The act of sending hundreds of messages in a few seconds alerted Facebook to automated behavior. So, these are accounts they could be checking for being compromised.






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  2. Yolanda Vargas Cruz Avatar
    Yolanda Vargas Cruz

    thanks for posting, just saved me a lot of research and a possible virus!

  3. Kory Avatar

    I still don’t know what this means….so is it just a virus and why would they use my pic

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Clicking on it will install the virus on your device. That is called infecting it. The virus on your device will act as your Facebook account to send out this as you.

      Your profile photo is public, so it is something easy to obtain. Additionally, most people will see a photo of themselves and think that it is legitimately a video of them.

      1. Alex Avatar

        Hi Ezra,

        Mi gf received this message on facebook from a friend and she clicked on it. Do you know which are the consecuenques??

        Thanks in advance,


        1. Ezra S F Avatar

          It will message other other friends to trick them into clicking on it.

          Additionally, it could provide the author access to the compromised account. Change the password and enable two-factor authentication.

    2. Ezra S F Avatar

      Mainly, my point is more because Facebook controls the medium by which this virus spreads in tricking users, they should be capable of stopping the spread. This code has been around for years, so maybe the creators change it to avoid detection. If not, then Facebook is really falling down on the job.

    3. Francis Weaver Avatar
      Francis Weaver

      Someone used my picture and made it out to something dirty what do I do to get it off there

        1. sajimboy Avatar

          How do you remove the virus if you accidentally click the link? Does factory resetting the computer and changing all passwords help?

    4. Lindsay Tatham Avatar
      Lindsay Tatham

      @kory to get you to click on the link. Alot of people are curious if they see a photo of them saying, “Is this you in this video!?!?!” They assume its legit.

  4. Clif Avatar

    Thanks big help I was so tempted to click on it

    1. Diane Avatar

      I received a message from a friend on Facebook messenger that my image was being used on a perverted site on Facebook.com. After further investigation I found out it was a virus. No one would believe this is me. Thanks

  5. Denise Avatar

    hello, I clicked on the “fake” video that was sent to me. My friend sent me a message through FB messenger with a video of me, not knowing any better, I clicked on it. Should I be worried? Is this a face book hack or an iPhone hack?

    1. Sharon Avatar

      I was asked to log in to my Facebook.. but I didn’t.. I blocked the person who sent it… I had a feeling it was a virus

  6. Rusha Avatar

    Thanks I just got this and decided to google also and found this, I can’t report so I just delete the message

  7. FLOjo Avatar

    I feel like a JACKASS… this message came to me from an elderly relative saying “”Did u make this video?? 😲”” so I thought nothing of it, TRUSTED IT, and CLICKED IT….. it immediately took me to the default page Facebook that says something like “this content is no longer available…. etc….”
    AM I SAFE??? Does this mean Facebook caught it and it was not effective on me? Or does simply clicking seal my fate?

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Possible getting you to login again is how they compromise your account to spread it further.

  8. Renee Butcher Avatar
    Renee Butcher

    I also received this same message with my name and profile pic with a link that was supposedly a video of me with this😯.
    Unfortunately, I clicked on the link. I’ve decided to no longer use Messenger. It is the third time my account has been hacked. Once, all my friends list was deleted and replaced with total strangers.
    This should not be happening with with such a sophisticated and technologically capable media.

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Keep in mind, then that Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. As people follow Gen Z to other platforms, the attacks will go with them.

      Facebook is talking about integrating the messaging for all 3 into a single one. To me that means malware will work on all 3.

    2. Starla Avatar

      This isn’t a Messenger issue it’s Facebook in general. They have the same capabilities and access.

      1. Ezra S F Avatar

        Not just Facebook. Twitter and Snapchat suffer the same problems.

  9. Oxana Avatar

    Almost was hacked. Same message.

  10. Tracy Avatar

    So… a friend told me she got this messenger link and did not click it, but stupid me, I tried to google the web address and ended up navigating to si-chao.cstools.facebook.c o m. FB loaded to my newsfeed, as I was already logged in but the url redirected to facecook.com/_-_

    Is that a thing? Am I infected? I did DL and install Malwarebytes. Am I cool?

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