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Keyboard Layouts

k375s-multidevice-keyboard.pngCurrently annoyed that every keyboard I am using has the Insert key in a different place. See, as a shell jockey, my work mostly consists of connecting to a server via command line and inputting commands. Shift+Insert is the paste command within these shells.

I am very much used to the standard keyboard layout where there is the upside down T with the arrow keys. Above them are two rows of three keys with Insert/Home/Page Up and Delete/End/Page Down. My hands know where to find them which allows me to work fairly quickly inside the shell. The past several work computer refreshes were fine because the replacement keyboards still used the standard layout.

logitech_waveNow we have a Logitech Wave keyboard. It rotates that row into a column with delete as a giant key and moves Insert way up to the top row. Basically, the orientation ensures that I hit Shift+Insert All. The. TIME. At this point, I am amazed when I get it correct after a few minutes of slamming very hard typing as I get more and more frustrated.

Another part of the issue is I use the Insert key 100+ times a day and the key is way far out of the way when I am used to it being conveniently located.

I guess I could re-map the Home and Insert keys, but I use Home quite a bit too. I use End, Page Up, and Page Down too so I am hesitant to move those out the way. And to physical profile of Insert would be out of place anywhere else.

I guess I could get a different keyboard.

But I have a similar problem with my various laptops. The Insert is located in a different place on each one. Or in a Chromebook’s case entirely absent.

The bottom line is I am now officially old.






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